Hip and knee pain

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Hip pain

Hip pain is commonly felt at the front, side or around the hip. There are many reasons for hip pain, including:

  • Osteoarthritis: affects most people as we age. It is felt during activities such as putting shoes or socks on, getting out of a car or deep chair.
  • Lateral hip pain: is caused by irritation of the soft structures on the side of the hip. It is most noticeable when walking or lying on your side.
  • Impingement: feels like a ‘pinch’ in the front of the hip joint. It is typically felt during twisting, squatting or sitting.

Knee pain

Knee pain is common in all age groups and include:

  • Simple strain/sprain: This happens as a result of increased activity or the overstretching of tissues.
  • Anterior knee pain syndrome: Pain generally associated with kneeling, going up or down stairs, sitting on a low seat or running long distances.
  • Damage to the meniscus or cartilage: This can happen over time or from during a sudden event.
  • Osteoarthritis: is a common cause of knee pain as we age, causing swelling and a reduction in activity levels. Those who are overweight or have had injuries to the knee in the past are most prone to developing osteoarthritis.

Less common knee problems include tendon issues, ligament problems or irritation to soft tissue.

When do I see my GP?

There is no reason why you can’t do your routine work or leisure activities because of hip or knee pain. You should seek medical advice if the following applies to your pain:


  • If you have hip pain and a fever
  • Severe pain associated with a fall onto the outside of the hip


  • If your knee locks and you cannot straighten it or you are experiencing a painful click (painless clicking is OK)
  • If you have fever, redness or heat around the knee, or it is very swollen.

Hip and knee resources

We’ve created an interactive booklet to help you learn about your hip and knee, the common problems we see and how best to recover from your problem. It is best to work through the booklet prior to attending your JPAC so you can start making positive changes now. We have also produced a digital version of the JPAC presentation and related exercises which can be found below.


JPAC hip presentation

JPAC knee presentation

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